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Wake me up when september ends.

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The song wake me up when September ends explains his fathers death when billieyou"Summer has gone so fast the innocent can never last wake me up whe september ends"this explains how he was innocent but it did not spare him any choices"like my fathers come to pass seven years has gone so fast "this explains when his father died seven years he had with him had gone so fast"as my memorey rests i never forget what i lost"that means he excepts hat his dads gone but he will never forget how he lost his dad"here comes the rain again falling from the stars drenched in my pain again becoming who we are"this explained that having his dad die brought alot of pain and that pain effected him as an adult and that changed his life joe was onley 11 years old during  summer.I will explain the lyrics to .    Well just so you know all these may not be true because this is just what i think but i think its true.



Billie Joe had a hard life and the only reason why he writes the songs he writes is because thats how he feels and its good to let your feeling out in a song.Remember hes not just a punk rocker hes a dad and a husband also.

song coming soon.